About I.M.C.B

I.M.C.B I-8/3 is a well known Institution among Model Colleges of Islamabad.It was formed on 29th February 1996.At that time it was a small level school with eight classrooms, a Principle's and Headmistress offices and a staff room.At that time the College consist of 12 teachers and 150 numbers of students.But with in a little span of time this school build to a college and now it a big Institution in which students from all over Islamabad to get study.Now the college constitute 24 classrooms,3 science laboratories,a Computer lab,a big library,an auditorium,2 staff rooms,Administration offices,Cafeteria and play grounds.The total number of teaching staff is more than 80 and the total number of students studying in are more than 2000.