Co & Extra Curricular Activities
The college believes in a dictum that a healthy mind is housed in a healthy boy.Playground and facilities for games i.e hockey,football,cricket and badminton are available.Various college teams compete in the Inter-Collegiate sports meets and selected teams and Players take part in Inter-Board competitions.

Inter House Competitions
The college has four houses namely Jinnah,Iqbal,Quaid-e-Azam and Sir Syed. Each house is looked after by a house master.House Competitions are held in Co-Curricular activities and sports.

College Newsletter and Magazine

The College magazine "RASM" is an Annual magazine with full record of the whole year.The college Newsletter  is a pictorial and written record of the academic as well as co-curricular and extra curricular activities in the college. Students’ contribution of articles, poems cartoons etc to this journal in both English and Urdu are mainly based on their thought and reflections. These also help the students to broaden their scope of thinking and polish their writing faculties.

The college has a big liabrary in college section through which many students including staff get required information. Latest editions of books are regularly added to the already well equipped shelves of the library. The library regulations are displayed on the college library Notice board and are to be observed by all those using the library.

The college provides well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry,Biology and Computers.The students are required to handle the equipment with care.
Proctorial Board
A proctorial Board comprising senior teachers and student prefects are appointed to look after the students’ discipline and help maintain an orderly environment within the college premises.