Principal's Message

" IMCB I-8/3 is being one of the best Colleges in Islamabad. We know the significance of our responsibilities and all we owe to the motherland.We are aware of the fact that the importance of the education in any modern economy can not be exaggerated. Therefore, our focus is on imparting quality education, making the maximum possible use of available resources and keeping in view the indigenous cultural and social values. It is our aim to incorporate the latest educational techniques and methodologies which majorily includes scientific methods in our existing system. The future of the country is dependent on the fact whether we are able to produce better and successful citizen or not and our goal is to turn our students into highly disciplined,committed,well enlightened and optimestic individuals. We are willing to work in collaboration with anyone whoever wants to join us in our efforts to make Pakistan specifically and the rest of the world generally a better place to live in for the coming generations.I invite all of you to come and join hand with us. "